About Us

Who Are We

BlackNatural SkinCare & Wellness LLC is a New Jersey home-based and handmade skincare and wellness company. 

Taking into consideration harvesting times we create our products in small batches and some products are made to order.

At BlackNatural we take pride in creating all natural & organic high quality, superior and premium products.

Using natural/organic Plant-based , Vitamins, Herbs , Essential Oils, Natural Soaps, Mineral Salts and RichClays, as our base ingredients; we aspire to change the way your skin and body looks & feels.

Our Brand's Commitments


We have purposefully & carefully created our skincare products with non-comedogenic oils and butters with a rate of 0-2 %, which means they will not clog your pores. 

We work hard to bring the most effective affordable natural products to meet your skincare and wellness needs.


Our goal is to give complete transparency to our customers, delivering the most pure and natural products.

We believe you should always know whats in your skincare products, and your products should always come from the earth; directly to your skin and body. 

Our Mission is Staying committed to natural skincare and our planet by advocating & educating natural beauty, health & wellness 


Our Motto


Some people make more melanin than others. Everyone has about the same number of cells that make melanin, but not everybody makes the same amount of melanin. The more melanin your skin makes, the darker your skin.

Which is why we create our products for women and men of the fairest to the darkest skin type,

treating most skincare issues and concerns.  Staying committed to clean beauty & health.

Created by a African American Mother, Wife & Entrepreneur Business Woman.

Mrs T.Young 

Deciding to retire early from nursing & business management at the age of 37,  

Wanting to pursue her passions & own her own businesses. She used her ambition & creativity to create handmade/custom items for all special events & occasions. After several business ventures her passion & commitment to health & natural ingredients led her into acquiring her business license as an Esthetician. Learning that natural skincare and wellness creates a life of clean living, she started handcrafting & formulating her own recipes for natural skincare and wellness products in 2017.

Using only the highest quality ingredients for all skin types & most skincare & wellness concerns. 

Her purpose is Staying committed to natural skincare and our planet by advocating & educating natural beauty, health & wellness 

Continuing to Research and discover natural beauty & wellness concerns

her goal is to create a complete line of Natural skincare & wellness products for women and men

(skincare & wellness concerns). by BlackNatural"

Tameka's business management profession leaves her committed to always standing behind 100%  exceptional customer service & product deliverance. 


While creating her own natural skincare line Tameka is also becoming a new author; Writing a book titled "UNMASKHER" dedicated to empower, educate & inspire women to become their true selves & connect to everything they desire. Through personal stories, her life's journey, quotes, poems & sayings, tips, resources and more..She aspires to connect with women across the world , giving inspiration to become everything you desire


Our Founder